Circuits, sawdust, and everything in-between


This site finally gives a home to my build logs as I explore various areas of interest. Take a look around and thanks for stopping by!

  • Arduino Fan Controller (to Dry Laundry)

    Arduino Fan Controller (to Dry Laundry)

    What if… instead of just letting your clothes hang dry in still air, you could use computers to make them dry faster?!

  • LumenPNP Workbench

    LumenPNP Workbench

    The new pick ‘n place machine gets a nicer workbench than all my other work surfaces combined.

  • 3D Printer Filament Cabinet

    3D Printer Filament Cabinet

    When the filament spools started to multiply, it was time to build them a new home. Follow along as we build a filament storage cabinet from scratch!

  • Arduino Air Quality Monitoring

    Using an Arduino and some air-quality sensors from Sparkfun, I built a little air quality monitoring station for my workroom.

  • Organizing Electronic Components

    Organizing Electronic Components

    This ongoing project is aimed at organizing the critical mass of electronic components rapidly overflowing onto all surfaces of my workspace.

  • PCB Earrings

    PCB Earrings

    A Christmas 2014 gift for my wife, these earrings are fully-functional light engines from the Spyglass v1 project. The rings and clasps are .999 silver. The custom jewelry box was manually machined from C660 bearing bronze.

  • Machined Matchbox

    Machined Matchbox

    This was a Christmas 2016 gift to my brother-in-law. The material is aluminum bronze (85% copper, 15% aluminum). The compass is a 20mm grade AA button compass. Start-to-finish it took 12.5 hours to complete.