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15VP v6 Firmware

This documentation is intended to cover the advanced functionality of the 15VP v6 flashlight driver. In normal use you shouldn’t need any of it, but it’s fun to have there should you want to customize things.

Physical Layout

Click any of the images for a larger version!

Quick Reference Guide

Print out this double-sided PDF, cut out one of the guides, roll it around a AA battery, and insert it into the battery tube. Now anytime you want to customize your driver, you have the instructions readily available!

Tutorial Videos

Quick Access Menu

ClicksLight ShowFunctionality
12NoneAdjust output slot brightness
10-19NoneFlash out battery voltage & LED current
20-29Quick low->high->low rampSwitch between discreet and ramping UI’s
30-39Quick double-blinkEnter programming menu
40-49Quick low->high rampFlash out firmware version
50+Furious flashingFactory reset

Programming Menu

SettingLight ShowFunctionality
Aux LEDs Installed1 blinkWhether aux LED’s are installed in light (false, true)
# of outputs2 blinksSet number of output slots from 1-4
Mode Memory3 blinksStyle of mode memory (none, classic, hybrid)
Stepdown4 blinksStretch runtime on low battery by decreasing output (off, on)
3V Mode5 blinksEnable 3V low battery notifications (off, on)
Ramp Speed6 blinksRamping UI speed (5, 4.3, 3.8, 3 seconds)

Factory Defaults

From the factory, your circuit ships with the following defaults set:

SettingDefault ValueNotes
Aux LEDs Installed?false
# outputs4
Output 1 BrightnessPri. LED level 30.25mA
Output 2 BrightnessPri. LED level 54mA
Output 3 BrightnessPri. LED level 1130mA
Output 4 BrightnessPri. LED level 23660mA (1.5V) / 1.25A (3.7V)
Mode Memorynone
3V ModeDisabled
Ramp Speed4.3 seconds

Battery Protection

The following thresholds are configured for low-voltage protection:

Voltage SourceLow Voltage WarningLow Voltage ShutdownNotes
0.9 – 1.9V0.950V0.800V
1.91 – 3.3V2.7V2.5VIf 3V Mode enabled
3.31 – 4.5V3.3V2.9V

Thermal Protection

The 15VP circuit has built-in thermal protection. If the temperature of the microcontroller exceeds 330 Kelvin (57°C or 134.33°F) the circuit will step-down output by 2 brightness levels. Temperature is measured every 20 seconds and the circuit will continue to stepdown until the temperature limit is reached.

Light Shows

Your driver may decide to display a little light-show while you’re using it! Refer to this table to decode what it’s trying to tell you.

Light ShowOperationNotes
0 blinks & tiny brightness decreaseOver-current stepdownCurrent too high
1 very quick blink & brightness decreaseThermal stepdownCircuit too hot
2 very quick blinks & brightness decreaseLow-voltage stepdownBattery low
2 slower blinks & brightness the sameLow-voltage notificationBattery low
3 hi-lo ramps to lo brightness; blinks every 5sLow-voltage shutdownBattery dead

Output Levels

The 15VP has 24 output levels with 2 output curves (1.5V and 3.7V). The approximate milliamp current for each driver level is as follows:

1.5V: 0.025,0.06,0.25,1,4,6,9,12,16,20,30,50,70,90,115,140,170,210,250,310,390,510,660,850
3.7V: 0.025,0.06,0.25,1,4,6,9,12,16,20,30,50,70,90,115,145,200,260,370,510,700,940,1250,1600